Production Base

Our headquarters and production base is located in Nanhai District of Foshan city Jiujiang town of ShaTsui YABO Industrial Park. YABO has a staff of more than 500 people. YABO is rapidly expanding its production base in its more than 120000 square meters of large-scale modern factory, equipped with high end digital mechanical processing equipment. Investments of millions of dollars in this high end equipment have given YABO the capability of processing and production of high-grade wooden products.

The Company’s adherence to R & D in design and quality has brought a growth of 20% to 30% in recent years.


Exquisite design, research and development, high-end standards, specialized - UV green environmental protection technology

Since the creation of the brand, YABO was focused on product design art with artistic charm, cultural input and regional style tailored for each client.
With the synergy of prominent domestic and foreigninterior design companies, YABO delivers unique concept and style keeping in mind local ethnic, customs and furniture ideas.

YABO implements hard outfit, soft outfit for processing and customization according to customer's demand for leather, cloth, wood, copper and other products.
YABO’s strong technical and professional teamhas formed a set of perfect standardization & specialization, in every process including strict checks, the time to master schedule, quality, environmental protection and other core technology. 

YABO has mastered UV coating technology. UV coating does not contain any volatile substances unlike commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC paint, Therefore the products are of stable quality with the properties like scratch resistant touch and friction resistant. Moreover, they are greenand environmental friendly.

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