Environmental Protection
To provide customers with environmental friendly furniture products.

YABO is aware of its environmental responsibility and therefore the Company has established excellent environmental friendly facilities to promote technological innovation in customisation of the furniture. YABO is setting a new precedence in environmental control and protection in the industry. YABO is committed to its environmental responsibility and they apply the due environmental control and protection technique in the entire process of production starting from use of raw materials to the delivery of furniture.

National Furniture Quality Supervision and inspection centre of harmful substances detection requires ‘three’ check system to limit of harmful substances". YABO has put in place all the checks and control, required by national authority. The establishment of laboratory test of formaldehyde content, testing of MDF, plywood batch, strictly control the release amount of formaldehyde sheet and testing of paint as well as glue for each batch of raw materials are a few examples of the control in place.


We source raw materials only from those suppliers who have passed strict environmental protection system certification:

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