About YABO

Guangdong YABO (hotel) Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd., founded in 1999, is a design, production, sales and service enterprise for hotels, apartments, villas and club. Hotel furniture is YABO’s core pillar industry, relies on the favorable region of the Pearl River Delta, adjacent Hong Kong and Macao as its operating hub for the international market. After nearly twenty years of careful management, YABO has become China's high-end hotel furniture industry leader.
YABO is committed to provide a full range of hotel space solutions for the international brand hotel group. YABO has won the broad market share of furniture industry at home and abroad, as well as the trust of international brand of hotels.


YABO attaches great importance to the user experience. 10,000 square meters of exhibition space is dedicated to showcase various styles of hotel furniture in different materials.  The collection shows YABO’s love for art and cultural heritage.

YABO Furniture designers create a set of display experience with the keen eye on design suitable for customers’ needs by clever use of cloth, leather, glass, marble, metal furniture of different material, with superb craftsmen skills.

Exhibition hall, restaurant and public area planning, suites, conference rooms and business rooms in different regions of the furniture exhibition space, as in a five star hotel, all equipment panoramic view, to allow customers to experience personally on the scene hotel furniture culture, design or choose the most ideal furniture solutions.


In the nearly twenty years of development, our high-quality products and perfect service system has established and expanded our customer base from China  to Europe, United States, Australia, Africa and other emerging markets in Asia.

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